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“I am starting a new journey now; one of travel and of maintenance which, even after designing out a little of it, remains an ongoing labour of love. I hope this new journey will be as successful as the refit journey and I hope it takes much longer and is even more enjoyable than our great refit adventure”

Peter Manning

Owner Of Our Lizzie

Her Next Journey Begins

After an extensive re-fit lasting more than 6.5 years with IBTC at Lowestoft, Our Lizzie is ready for her next adventure. During this time, we’ve breathed new life into this magnificent vessel, replacing frames and planks, adding a fresh deck and superstructure, upgrading the engine and gear, and even increasing her ballast from 6 to 8.5 tonnes for enhanced stability. Brand new sails and rigging were carefully chosen, and we took the opportunity to give her interior a thoughtful redesign.

The brilliant Naval Architect, James Pratt, lent his expertise, providing drawings, specifications, and overseeing the entire project. With this extensive makeover, Our Lizzie is now poised and ready to embark on her next century of epic adventures.




6 in 4 cabins
9 Guests on day charters

First Registered

19 February 1920 by John and James Penberthy


W J Oliver & Sons


46ft 5″


14ft 2″


6ft 1″


Pitch Pine Planking on Oak Frames

Enhanced stability

At 34 tonnes and with an 8.5 tonne ballast, you’ll enjoy a gentle and smooth journey.

Accessible and comfortable

With wide deck space, there’s plenty of room to enjoy this beautiful yachting experience.

Classic luxury

Beautifully restored, revel in the history of this classic Dunkirk Little Ship whilst enjoying all the modern luxuries of a yacht charter.