Historic Sailing Holidays & Special Charters

Embark on unforgettable journeys with Our Lizzie’s historic sailing holidays and special charters, where every voyage is a step back in time. Explore distant shores and iconic landmarks aboard our vessel, venturing to Dunkirk, the Normandy beaches, Ostende, Ouistreham, and Cherbourg.

The Authentic Dunkirk Experience

General Cruise Details

Join us at Ramsgate for a three or four-day nostalgic and historic trip to Dunkirk and back. Follow one of the routes that Our Lizzie and around 850 Little Ships took to rescue the British Expeditionary Force between 26th May and 4th June 1940.

In Dunkirk, relish the history, architecture, and French cuisine for an evening or two. Spend a day exploring the museums, town, beach; or all of it. Sail back to England, imagining the soldiers’ gallant experiences in 1940.

The 45-mile journey takes 8-10 hours, depending on weather and tides. We monitor the weather closely and will offer rescheduling, a different journey, or a full refund if conditions are unfavourable.

The decision is yours, and we’ll decide this up to the day before departure. We want you to enjoy every moment on Our Lizzie, especially the Dunkirk Experience, without worrying about a Channel crossing in poor weather.

More Information

General Itinerary

Join at Ramsgate on the evening before your trip between 5 – 7 pm. We will settle you in and carry out a short safety brief.

We will leave the next morning after breakfast, arriving in Dunkirk in the afternoon.

The next day you are free to explore this wonderful French town, her cafés, restaurants and museums.

We sail back to England on the last day, arriving in Ramsgate late afternoon.

Don’t worry – we do all the cleaning and tidying up after your trip!

Ostend at Anchor

Belgium’s biggest 4 day festival of the sea.

If you join us on 19th May going to the Festival of the Sea at Ostend then we will sail from Dunkirk to Ostend on the 21st May. The Journey to Ostend is only 26 miles along the coast and we try to plan and get the best of the tide. The Festival runs from the 23rd May to 26th May and we leave for Ramsgate on the 27th. This is a marvelous festival unlike any other; read all about it here.


Join Us on the 19th.

Normandy Beaches and Caen Experience

General Cruise Details

Embark on a special journey starting from Ouistreham, cruising through the Canal Du Caen a la Mer under the famous Benouville (Pegasus) bridge to Caen. Explore the Normandy coast, visiting towns like Courseulles-Su-Mer, Port-en-Bessin, GrandCamp, Carentan, St Vaast-La-Hougue, and Cherbourg.

We’ll travel across the beaches of ‘Sword,’ ‘Juno,’ ‘Gold,’ ‘Omaha,’ and ‘Utah.’ Short travel times (mostly 2-3 hours) allow ample exploration of the charming towns, markets, museums, and churches along the coast. Even though there’s a lot to see, it’s worth researching and planning your favourite attractions, restaurants, and places before you go. We can customise the itinerary to fit your preferences.

This journey promises excitement, nostalgia, history, and, of course, delicious food. Experience it all aboard the historic Dunkirk Little Ship ‘Our Lizzie’—a wonderful adventure through the rich history and attractions of Normandy.

Travel Requirements

To start your journey, guests are required to take the ferry from Portsmouth to Ouistreham. Brittany Ferries run twice a day with an overnight option. The trip is about 6 hours, saving you from sailing the cross-channel route.

 Once the trip ends in Cherbourg, ferries to Portsmouth or Poole are available. The ferry costs around £50.00 per person (depending on the booking class). Ferries to Poole run daily, while those to Portsmouth operate about every other day.

 Choose to simply return to England by ferry, explore more of France and Normandy yourselves, or extend your stay on Our Lizzie and sail back to Portsmouth on a 12-14 hour cross-channel trip. If you’re interested, give me a call to discuss.

More Information

General Itinerary

We will meet you at the ferry port in Ouistreham when you arrive and take you on the short trip to where Our Lizzie will be berthed on the other side of the canal.

You can relax after your journey with a snack, a glass of wine or a hot drink. Once you are settled in and we complete the safety procedures we are ready to go. When we leave will depend on your time of arrival.

The journey to Caen is only a few hours and you may like to stop for a while at Pegasus bridge. The basin at Caen is surrounded by the historic town which is full of fine restaurants and places to visit.

The next day we travel back to Ouistreham and (if the tides permit) we move on to Courseulles-Su-Mer with the Juno Beach center and historic sights and memorials to see.

On this experience the ports are all quite close and are only accessible during the higher portions of the tide. You get to decide whether we visit or skip past any port, if we stay longer anywhere and we work this out together before we leave Ouistreham.

At the end of your holiday, we arrive in Cherbourg and after decamping you have this whole city to enjoy or depending on your time, you might just wish to chill on Our Lizzie at Cherbourg until it’s time to get the ferry back.

Don’t worry – we do all the cleaning and tidying up after your trip!

The 2024 Season Trips

If you require a day that we haven’t advertised, we will normally be able to accommodate you, please just get in touch with us.

May 2024

D-Day 80th Anniversary at Caen

31st may to 6th June 2024
7/8 Days

June 2024

See London Day

June 16th 2024
1 Day

Queenborough to Ouistrehan Mile Builder

June 17-20th 2024
4 Days

Ouistreham to Cherbourg Normandy Beaches

June 22nd-28th 2024
7 Days

Cherbourg to The Solent Mile Builder

June 30th –  July 1st 2024
3 Days

July 2024

Cowes Classic Weekend Solent

July 6-7th 2024
2 Days

Cowes Classic Weekend Solent

July 13-14th 2024
2 Days

Cowes Classic Weekend Solent

July 27-28th 2024
2 Days

August 2024

Cowes Classic Weekend Solent

August 3-4th 2024
2 Days

South Coast Explorer

August 20-26th 2024
7 Days

5 Day Special

August 28th – September 1st 2024
5 Days