Our Lizzie

The only Dunkirk little ship available for yacht charter.


Sailing holidays and corporate charters on this beautifully renovated classic yacht.

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Weekend And Longer Experiences

Embark on a weekend expedition of the iconic Solent. Joined by an expert skipper and mate, you’ll enjoy the stunning sights and wildlife our coastline has to offer, plus regale in tales of a colourful maritime history

Historic Adventures and Special Trips

Choose between excursions where you can join us in France to explore the Normandy landing beaches, and the quaint towns and museums between Cherbourg and Caen, or a nostalgic trip to Dunkirk.

Corporate Charters


Our Lizzie is the perfect location for your next Corporate Experience. Test teamwork, communication skills and try your hand at sailing a classic yacht. For groups of up to 9 people. No sailing experience required

A Little Ship Full Of History & Personality

Get ready to dive into the incredible journey of Our Lizzie. This lady has quite the adventurous past. Before the war, she was on a top-secret spying mission in the Baltic, showing off her undercover skills. Then, she was called into action during Operation Dynamo at Dunkirk.

During the Battle of Britain, Our Lizzie kept busy patrolling between Harwich and the Thames, making sure our shores were kept safe. For the rest of the War, she headed to the Clyde with the Royal Army Service Corps, playing a vital role in wartime efforts.

But that’s not all—this maritime star has even had her moment in the spotlight on TV and in the movies. Our Lizzie’s history is a whirlwind of adventure and versatility, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Our Lizzie Today

Enjoy modern comforts aboard a traditional historic yacht over 100 years old. At 34 tonnes, Our Lizzie’s beam and counter stern provide a gentle and smooth motion; she is easy to board and get below, boasts a comfortable light doghouse and wide, easy access deck space. Refitted over 6.5 years, she has all the luxury and equipment of any modern yacht.

A timeless piece of maritime history with all the modern comforts of a luxury yacht charter.

Relax and relish the beautiful craftsmanship of our vessel or join our skipper and mate to take part in sailing Our Lizzie.

Set sail on a variety of excursions. Enjoy the sights and wildlife from our coast to Normandy’s from the grace of a classic yacht under sail.

Hearty, home cooked food, paired with a fine tipple, served on board by our skipper.


46ft 5″




6 in 4 cabins


W J Oliver & Sons

It was like being in a different world; the children loved it; we all loved it; Our Lizzie is a really beautiful boat. Thank you so much, Rebecca & Mike

Mike Angland

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve not sailed before and I’m nervous about seasickness
Sea sickness is a motion sickness caused when our eyes and ears are sending confused information to our brains. Our Lizzie is a heavy and stable yacht and her sea motion is what we call kindly. Whilst this helps it does not mean you will not suffer seasickness.

For most people seasickness is preventable by taking seasickness tablets before you sail. There are several other methods which work for some people such as the wearing of bands and ear patches; even glasses, though personally I’m not a fan of any of these. It does come down to personal preference and choice.

We have the following series of recommendations and actions to reduce the effects of seasickness.

  1. Tell the skipper of your concerns and follow his guidance.
  2. Take a tablet before you leave. Always read the instructions before you take any medicines. I personally prefer ‘Stugeron 15’ or ‘Kwells’. Both are available over the counter in most pharmacies.
  3. Make your first trip a gentle one for instance a weekend in the Solent as these waters are quite protected.

We start by making sure you are hydrated, warm and comfortable. We like to encourage you to be on deck and or take the helm so your eyes are fixed on the horizon. This is often what is needed for most people. Ginger is a traditional remedy and we are happy to fix a hot ginger drink before we set sail.

    1. Timing is essential; let the skipper know immediately you start to feel queasy; not 20 minutes later because you thought it might ‘go away’.
    2. If the queasiness persists we recommend you lie down below on your bunk keeping your eyes closed and being comfortable and warn. Seasickness and tiredness go hand in hand and usually people doze off for a while and then find they are no longer suffering.

Our Lizzie is skippered charter only, so we are there to look after you and make you comfortable. You are not required to carry out sailing tasks unless you want to so there are no demands on you to operate the vessel. For these types of trips most seasickness will not affect safety.

Do I need to know anything about sailing before I go?

The answer is an unequivocal ‘No’. Whether you take part in some of the sailing or not you will naturally you will naturally learn considerably more about sailing just by being there enjoying yourself. You will receive a short safety briefing prior to the vessel sailing; we will show you how the domestic things work onboard and how to use your lifejacket and harness. Beyond this it is up to you as we are there to look after you and make sure you enjoy the whole experience. If you would like to take part in the sailing or any aspect of it we will show you how and guide you through it.

When we take people out who have experience of sailing; they rarely have experience of sailing a classic ketch and all of them have always been surprised as to how easy it is.

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